Surgeries include phalloplasty (performed with microsurgeons), metoidioplasty, urethroplasty (urethral lengthening), testicular and penile implants (semi-rigid and inflatable), fistula and stricture repair, glansplasty, phallus/urethral/scrotal/perineal reconstruction, monsplasty, and other associated procedures.

We know that not everyone desires all aspects of transmasculine gender affirming genitourinary surgery, which includes phallo/meta with UL, vaginectomy, scrotoplasty, and perineal reconstruction. As a result we offer the following variations:

Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [+/--] UL [+/--] vaginectomy [+/--] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.


  • Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [+] UL [+] vaginectomy [--] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.​

  • Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [+] UL [--] vaginectomy [+] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.

  • Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [+] UL [+] vaginectomy [--] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.

  • Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [--] UL [+] vaginectomy [+] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.

  • Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [--] UL [+] vaginectomy [--] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.

  • Phalloplasty/metoidioplasty [--] UL [--] vaginectomy [+] scrotoplasty and perineal reconstruction.

Other variations may be desired and needed. A consultation with the surgeon will help patients decide what surgery works best for them and their individualized surgical goals.


No smoking, nicotine use, or inhalational products (including vaping, marijuana, and 2nd hand smoke) around 3 months before and after surgery (ideally 6 months before and after surgery). This includes chewing tobacco and nicotine free inhalational products. Use of these products can cause about a 5-fold increase in complications. Use within this 3-6 month window before surgery may prompt rescheduling of the surgery to a later time when then the patient has reliably stopped smoking.

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