Patient safety takes precedence over everything else. We therefore need your help in making sure we can perform surgery under healthy circumstances that will optimize results.

There are seemingly non-dangerous activities that negatively affect surgical outcomes. Smoking/Vaping/Inhaling are the most common. We need patients to notify us of any nicotine use (including chewing tobacco, nicotine gum, and so forth) and of any inhalational product use of any kind (including but not limited to cigarettes, nicotine free cigarettes, cigars, vaping, marijuana, others). Such activities may severely compromise patient outcomes as it increases risks of perioperative complications. We ask patients to stop these activities 3-6 months prior to surgery; ideally, stop as early as possible. Second hand smoke can also negatively affect surgical results. Don't be around anyone who smokes. 


Similarly, there are drugs (prescribed and non-prescribed) that may compromise wound healing and surgical outcomes. Some examples include steroid use for inflammatory disorders, like prednisone for asthma, or Accutane (Isoretinoin) for acne. There are other medications that may negatively affect healing. A complete, accurate, and updated medication list will help us identify these drugs and act accordingly.

Being the healthiest version of you is also vitally important. We encourage patients to eat natural and healthy foods (i.e. avoid too much fast food and processed foods) and exercise regularly. Crash diets and exercises--diets and routines that are difficult to maintain--are not helpful and sometimes harmful.

Failure to comply with the above may lead to cancellation of your surgery to avoid devastating complications.

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