New/Established Patient Visits and Consultations:

  • Office: we will bill your insurance company for your visit; patients will be responsible for their plan required co-pay and co-insurance.

  • Phone Consultations: $250

  • Self-pay: $250 

Perioperative paperwork:

  • Reasonable requests such as bottom surgery attestation letters and FMLA/disability paperwork are covered as part of your surgery.

  • Additional forms may incur a $25-50 processing fee. 

Important Note: Insurance Copay and Balance Due amounts are different for many patients. Therefore, click on the "donate" button to pay these variable amounts.  It will say donate throughout the PayPal website, but it is not a donation; it is a payment to GU Recon (aka Mang Chen, MD PC). Thank you for your attention and apologies for the confusing "donate" wording. It is the only functionality currently available to pay specific, individualized amounts.



Balance Due