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New/Established Patient Visits and Consultations:

  • Virtual/Office: we will bill your insurance company for your visit; patients will be responsible for their plan required co-pay and co-insurance.

  • Virtual Consultations: $250

  • Self-pay: $250 

  • Consultation cancellations will not have consultation fee refunded if cancelled past 6 months from time of payment.

Perioperative paperwork:

  • Reasonable requests such as bottom surgery attestation letters and FMLA/disability paperwork are covered as part of your surgery.

  • Additional forms may incur a $25-50 processing fee. 

Important Note: Insurance Copay and Balance Due amounts are different for many patients. Therefore, click on the "Buy Now" button to pay these variable amounts. You will be linked to a new PayPal page with "Mang Chen, MD PC" as the heading. 



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