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Before and After Surgery

Some medications may increase the chance of bleeding after surgery.

General recommendations (recommendations may differ on an individual basis):

  • Aspirin: stop 1 week before and after surgery

  • Celebrex: stop 1 week before and after surgery

  • Ibuprofen*: aka Advil, Motrin; stop 1 week before and after surgery

  • Naproxyn: aka Aleve; stop 1 week before and after surgery

*It is generally ok to resume ibuprofen sooner if stronger pain meds are not required.


  • Some supplements/herbs may increase bleeding risk, and examples include fish oil, ginseng, ginkgo, ginger and garlic pills, and chondroitin.

Prescription blood thinners:

  • Coumadin, plavix, others: consult your PCP and surgeon to get individualized recommendations.


  • No smoking, nicotine use, or inhalational products (including vaping, marijuana, and 2nd hand smoke) around 3 months before and after surgery (ideally 6 months before and after surgery).

  • This includes chewing tobacco and nicotine free inhalational products.

  • Use of these products can cause about a 5-fold increase in complications. Use within this 3-6 month window before surgery may prompt rescheduling of the surgery to a later time when then the patient has reliably stopped smoking.

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