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Postop Scrotoplasty: FAQs

How should I position my scrotum?

  • Avoid putting tension on the scrotal incisions. The scrotum should be positioned comfortably in front and slightly between the inner thighs without undue tension or compression; this can be achieved with the thighs slightly apart and with careful walking.


Bleeding: what do I do?

  • Drainage of small amounts of blood mixed with yellow fluid (serosanguinous fluid) is common and will occur for 3-6 weeks until the incisions mature.

  • If bleeding is bright red, holding pressure (similar to holding pressure on a paper cut--not too light, not too intense) for about 5 minutes at the site of bleeding should help. Repeat if needed; if no improvement, call your surgeon.


There is an opening behind and/or in the front of my scrotum. What do I do?

  • The most common open wound is behind the scrotum, at the junction with the perineum (flat area between anus and back of scrotum; aka vaginectomy site). It is typically small and shallow and will resolve and heal with wound care, nutrition, and daily to twice daily ointment. If the wound is moist, skip using ointment that day and use plain gauze.


My scrotum is swollen and uneven. Is this normal?

  • Yes, as long as it’s not enlarging rapidly (a sign of bleeding inside the scrotum) or enlarging over time.

  • Swelling can take 1-3 months to resolve, and occasionally longer.

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