Postop Phalloplasty:

Perineum Concerns



Perineum: the area between the anus and the back of the scrotum.


I have an open wound. What do I need to know?

  • The second most common open wound in the perineum is in front of the anus. It is typically small and shallow and will usually resolve and close with wound care, nutrition, and daily to twice daily ointment. If it doesn’t heal with skin, and granulation tissue (pink tissue that bleeds easily) develops instead, silver nitrate topical treatment (done in the office) may be required.

  • This wound can open up with tension (hard bowel movements, not gently sitting from a standing position, etc). Avoid tension to prevent the wound from getting bigger and use stool softeners regularly; miralax is the preferred stool softener.

I have perineal pain. Is this normal?

  • Pain after surgery is expected. It should reach a peak within a day and thereafter remain stable and slowly improve. This pain may worsen with activity and improve with rest.

  • Pain is not normal if the following is noted:

    • The pain progressively worsens.

    • The pain is associated with worse swelling and/or redness.

  • Contact your surgeon should you notice abnormal symptoms.

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