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Postop Glansplasty: Frequently Asked Questions



What kind of activity is ok postop?

  • Activity: Avoid any activity or position that puts strain or tension on your incision. Examples: sit-ups, pull-ups.

  • Pain is the body’s way of telling you a certain movement or position hurts; listen to your body and limit those positions and movements.

  • Walking is encouraged (about 1 hour per day; example: 6 ten minute walks).

  • No jogging for 6 weeks; start slowly and gradually increase to your pre-surgery
    cardio routine.

When can I resume sexual activity?

  • Avoid sexual activity for 8 weeks.

When can I return to work?

  • Return to work: for desk dominant jobs, many can return to work when their pain is well controlled (usually 1-2 weeks after surgery). For jobs that are strenuous, 4-6 weeks off may be more appropriate.

What can I eat postop?

  • Diet: eat normally whenever your appetite returns. Water is a good drink choice.

When can I shower?

  • Showering: may shower in 2 days; no baths/pools for 6 weeks; avoid water hitting directly on the graft site of the glans for 1 week.

What kind of underwear would be best?

  • Frequently patients are provided mesh underwear with gauze; this can be removed and/or discarded a few hours later or the following day.

  • Underwear: When wearing underwear, it may be more comfortable to have gauze over the incision(s). Slightly loose boxer briefs tend to work well. You will have mesh underwear typically after surgery.

How should I position the phallus?

  • Phallus positioning: Gently supporting the phallus is ideal and this can be achieved with mesh underwear or slightly loose boxer briefs or similar underwear. Don’t smash the phallus but avoid prolonged dangling of the phallus.

When can I drive?

  • Driving: Do not drive while taking pain meds; therefore don’t drive yourself until you are completely off pain meds.



When can I remove the strips from the abdomen incision?

  • There will be steri-strips around your abdomen incision; this will slowly peel in 7
    days and can be removed in the shower at that time.

  • If there is purple skin glue instead, the glue will slowly peel in 3-7 days and can be removed at that time.

How do I care for the glans incision?

  • For the skin graft behind the glans ridge, use xeroform

    • Xeroform is a yellow gauze placed behind the ridge on top of the skin graft. This is meant to stay on for 3-7 days. If it falls off early, apply a new xeroform gauze behind the ridge directly onto the skin graft. If you don't have this gauze, an alternative management strategy is to apply ointment like aquaphor or Neosporin daily or twice daily for 7 days. Avoid rubbing the graft; gently apply the ointment. If there's purple glue behind the glans ridge, applying ointment is not required.

How long will it take the sutures to dissolve or fall out?

  • The sutures will stay for about 6-12 weeks

  • If they are sticking out and easy to cut, it is ok to cut the suture so it doesn't get caught on your clothing.


I suspect I may have an infection. How do I know and what should I do?

  • Infection: symptoms including redness spreading beyond the incision combined with worsening swelling and pain, and sometimes fever (defined as higher than 101°F) are consistent with infection; notify your surgeon. If you notice chest pain or lightheadedness with these symptoms, call 911.

I am bleeding from the surgical site; is this normal?

  • Bleeding: scant oozing can occur and can be seen for several weeks after surgery. If the drainage is bright red and dripping, this requires holding pressure over the bleeding site (usually a skin edge around the ridge) for 5-10 minutes at a time (similar to holding pressure on a paper cut--not too light, not too intense). It should stop. If it doesn’t, it may require an additional 5-10 minutes. Notify your surgeon if the bleeding continues.

There is a small wound opening near my incisions; what should I do?

  • Wound separation: if this occurs, use ointment like aquaphor on the open wound and apply it 1-2 x per day. Medihoney and sometimes antibiotic ointment is also ok. This should heal in 2-4 weeks.

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