Bleeding Concerns

Postop Week 1-3:

Should I be concerned about:

  • Oozing of blood from the phallus?

    • No. This happens on occasion and is often from old blood that has liquified. It often looks like red wine. Bright red blood (like ketchup) is also expected but only in small volumes. An example of normal amounts of bright red blood is spotting or splotches on a 4x4 gauze. It is not normal if the gauze is completely soaked. Contact your surgeons immediately if you notice this

  • Blood from the incisions?

    • In general, no. The drainage of red-yellow fluid (called serosanguinous) fluid is normal and expected for up to several weeks after surgery, especially if a wound is present. The amount is usually small and should not soak a 4x4 gauze. 

    • Sometimes there will be bright red blood dripping from a part of an incision, and this requires direct pressure over the incision for 5-10 minutes, and the bleeding should stop. Sometimes it will stop and recur after activity. Apply direct pressure again for 5-10 minutes if the bleeding starts up again. 

    • Bleeding is not normal if it is high volume (example: soaked wash cloth with bright red blood). This requires contacting your surgeon and potential ER management.

Postop Week 3 onward:


Bleeding still: is this normal?​

  • This happens on occasion. Bleeding and drainage will occur off and on until all the incisions and wounds have healed. 

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