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G.U. Recon Mang Chen MD 2019  

G.U. Recon Clinic

45 Castro St. Ste 111

San Francisco, CA 94114

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Fax: 309-328-3827

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Phallus Reconstruction Photographs


The average length for an adult male erect phallus is about 5 inches; the average non-erect length is about 3.5 inches. In creating a neophallus, the microsurgeons will oftentimes create a phallus that will be about 5 inches. However, for some patients, this 5 inch length may negatively affect activities of daily living, and therefore phallus shortening may be required and desired by some.


The following photos are of a patient who had successful phalloplasty who needed phallus shortening with concomitant glansplasty.