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Pars Fixa Urethroplasty

Pars Fixa (PF) urethroplasty usually involves using labia minora tissue to lengthen the urethra from the native urethral meatus to the tip of the glans clitoris. For metoidioplasty and/or phalloplasty with urethral lengthening, being able to place a catheter without cystoscopic guidance or urologic assistance will help future care providers and patients. 

  • Strategies to allow easy catheter placement:

    • De-epithelializing the periurethral fornices​

    • De-epithelializing minora tissue inferior to the labial minora flaps with subsequent coverage over the native urethra-to-proximal PF suture line

  • Surgical Video demonstrating labia minora modified ring flap PF urethroplasty. (Warning: This video has actual footage of surgery and may be inappropriate for some viewers.)

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