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Postop Phalloplasty:
Donor Site Concerns

Radial forearm and anterolateral thigh donor site:

When can I remove the mepitel silicone dressing from my arm/thigh?

  • This will stay on for about 3 weeks to facilitate healing.

  • It will be removed around 3-4 weeks after surgery.

How often do I need to change the long dressing around my arm/thigh?

  • If the dressing is clean, you can leave it alone until it is changed in the clinic or hand therapy. If it is dirty, remove the top layer of white colored dressing and leave the mepitel underneath alone.

When can I wash my arm/thigh donor site?

  • When the mepitel is removed around week 3, you will be instructed to wash the arm with mild soap and water indirectly (i.e. avoid direct pressure onto the arm/thigh donor site)

What do I put on the arm/thigh donor site?

  • Around 4 weeks postop, the skin graft on the donor site is healed. Ointment like aquaphor should be applied daily. Only a thin layer is required. Mild lotions with minimal chemicals are also acceptable if there are no open wounds.

May I start using silicone sheets on the scars?

  • Yes, around 6 weeks postop, silicone sheets can be obtained over the counter and placed over the scar

When can I expose my arm/thigh to the sun?

  • Ideally, about 1 year. Using lotion that has minimal dyes/fragrances and an SPF of 30 or greater when skin is at risk of sun exposure is recommended.

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