Scheduling Surgery

During your consultation or followup visit, we review your medical/surgical history and perform a physical exam, followed by an in-depth discussion of surgery. After we answer all your questions and address your concerns, and after we determine the safety and efficacy of surgery, a surgery date range may be given to you on the day of your visit.  

Starting about 3 months before your surgery, we will contact your insurance company to start the authorization process. Insurances will often not honor an authorization request any earlier than 3 months prior to the surgical date. You will then be contacted with preop and postop appointments, and you will receive preop/postop instructions and other related paperwork--typically 3-4 weeks before your surgery date. We will regularly update you with any significant developments regarding insurance authorizations.

**Important Note: Surgery will not be scheduled until the patient and surgeon has had an in-depth discussion of the procedures with review of risks and benefits. Thereafter, a shared decision is made between the patient and surgeon. Do not call the scheduler to schedule a surgery; the surgeon will contact and direct the surgical scheduler.  

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