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Preoperative Visit

Some surgeries are schedule 6-12 months from the time of the initial consultation, and much can happen during this time period. It is therefore important that we review your medical history and reexamine you within a reasonable time period before your surgery. Any changes in your medical or surgical history (including new medications, allergies, UTIs, new surgeries, and so forth) need to be reported to us. We want surgery to be as successful as possible, and knowing your updated health history is important in minimizing risk. In order for everyone to be up to date on your current health status, we rely on your providers, and more importantly, you. 

During your preop appointment, we:

  • Confirm compliance with postop safety policies.

  • Review surgery risks and benefits and consents.

  • Answer and address your questions and concerns.

  • Provide instructions/prescriptions in preparation for surgery (Examples: bowel prep, preop antibiotics).

  • Provide prescriptions for after surgery.

  • Review lab results or order more updated labs if needed.

  • Collect your disability forms and/or time off work forms.

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