Arbitration Review

It is our policy that all patients must have a signed Arbitration Agreement on file in our office in order to receive medical services or advice. You will be asked to sign an original Arbitration Agreement form in our office. Please read the following information before your visit.


  1. The California Legislature specifically authorized the use of arbitration in the Medical field in 1976. The legislation has been upheld by the California Supreme Court.

  2. The Arbitration Agreement provides that all disputes arising from the medical treatment you receive will be submitted to arbitration rather than trial by jury.

  3. The arbitration process is similar to the court process except that the proceedings are more formal, and you and your lawyer participate in the selection of the panel of arbitrators who decide the case.

  4. Arbitration is generally a faster process than a court suit.

  5. The arbitration panel has the same power to award monetary damages as a judge or jury. The decisions of the arbitrators is final and binding on all parties