Does having alloderm in my phallus prevent me from getting penile implants later?

  • No. Alloderm is used by some plastic surgeons to potentially add girth to the phallus for RF phallo patients with thin arms. It is performed at the time of initial phalloplasty. Alloderm may or may not cause scarring in the fat plane between the urethra and phallus portion of the RF flap. Therefore, theoretically, it may make it more difficult to place an implant later, but it does not mean the penile implant cannot be placed. The performance characteristics (risks, complications, results, etc.) over time are not yet known.

  • One implant surgery was performed recently on a patient who had alloderm placement at time of phalloplasty. The surgical plane for penile implant placement was more scarred, but it did not prevent successful implant insertion. 

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